our aims and beliefs (Why we exist!)


The aim of Setting Out for Construction is to raise the standards of setting out across the UK by making best practice normal practice.

Setting Out is one of the most critical elements of the entire construction process and can make or break whether a project makes money or is completed on time.

It is our belief that every engineer has a desire to do the best job they possibly can and be proud of their work.

Our job is to provide setting out engineers with the information, training and skills they need and to educate those not directly involved in setting out about the importance of the role of the setting out engineer.  

what we do

We provide specialist training and recruitment for site engineers and setting out engineers.  

We have been delivering this type of training and assessment for many years and are proud to say that our content is based on the most common and useful setting out tasks that are used every day. 

To us, setting out is not simply about a body of knowledge which dictates the industry standard best practice. It is also about focus, skill, organisation, communication, confidence, engineering judgement and high quality decision making.

As well as delivering high quality training courses, we have turned the traditional recruitment process into an up-skilling and learning opportunity.

We also recognise the important role that social media plays in creatively raising awareness and bringing people together. We are proud to say we have established the first ever facebook setting out community! If you’d like to join us, share your tips or ask questions you can find us

our services

The services we offer are all designed in line with our beliefs and with the specific purpose of helping us achieve our aims: