The course is aimed at:

  • Graduate Engineers with background knowledge but little or no setting out experience.
  • Trainee Engineers undertaking day release courses.
  • Engineers new to the role of Site Engineer.
  • Engineers having difficulty with the basics of setting- out.
  • Overseas Engineers
  • Any ground workers with a grasp of basic geometry who may be required to get involved with setting out.
  • Engineers assistants/ chain boys with a grasp of basic geometry who may be required to take a more involved role in setting out in order to support Engineers.


By the end of the course, the candidate will be able to:

  • Check the calibration of an optical or laser level
  • Transfer a TBM (Transfer a known Reduced Level from one location to another
  • Produce an as-built level survey
  • Set construction elements to a fixed Reduced Level (e.g. top of reinforcement, top of blinding, soffit of slab)
  • Identiify sources of error in levelling
  • Minimise systematic errors and eliminate gross errors
  • Book their setting out in industry the standard way (for use as records for Claims/ Compensation Events etc)
  • Set out Profile Boards and Batter Rails (for earthworks, roads, drainage etc) and record their work correctly.

  • Analyse a construction drawing, carry out calculations and set out a square section of a building using a steel tape measure, taking into account the effects of sloping ground