I’m publishing a book on setting out!

There are dozens of text books available on surveying, but they’re generally very academic and only have a small section on setting out for construction works.  They also tend to be pretty cumbersome in terms of size and weight, not to mention price!

So, I’m busy working on a book on setting out which will be aimed specifically at Site Engineers.  It will cover everything that a Site Engineer or Setting Out Engineer needs to know. It will be the same size as your yellow survey book so that you can easily carry it about and will contain practical information, loads of examples and diagrams, tips, tricks and summaries.  Sign up to our mailing list if you’d like to be kept up to date about the book launch.

I’m swithering on the title so I’m not announcing that until the cover design is complete so let me ask you for your advice…..

If you could buy the perfect book on setting out, what would it be called?!

What would be the top three most important things you would want to be included in the book?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 Setting Out myths that are sabotaging your setting out excellence!


 #1 It doesn't matter how you record your work as long as you can understand it.

#2 Two peg test- if the collimation error in the level is 0mm then you don't need to repeat the test.

#3 Transferring a Temporary Bench Mark - if the closing error is 0mm when you return to the initial point then the Reduced Level for your newly established Bench Mark is correct.

#4 Total Stations are more accurate than tape measures.

#5 If someone knows how to use a Total Station, it means they are good at setting out.

#6 The most important skills needed for setting out are technical and practical ability.

#7 The cross at the centre of the X-hairs should always be centred on the target or point being observed.

#8 The chainperson is responsible for their own safety and the accuracy of their work.

#9 A mini prism is necessary for accurate setting out.

#10 GPS is better than everything else!