10 Setting Out myths that are sabotaging your setting out excellence!


 #1 It doesn't matter how you record your work as long as you can understand it.

#2 Two peg test- if the collimation error in the level is 0mm then you don't need to repeat the test.

#3 Transferring a Temporary Bench Mark - if the closing error is 0mm when you return to the initial point then the Reduced Level for your newly established Bench Mark is correct.

#4 Total Stations are more accurate than tape measures.

#5 If someone knows how to use a Total Station, it means they are good at setting out.

#6 The most important skills needed for setting out are technical and practical ability.

#7 The cross at the centre of the X-hairs should always be centred on the target or point being observed.

#8 The chainperson is responsible for their own safety and the accuracy of their work.

#9 A mini prism is necessary for accurate setting out.

#10 GPS is better than everything else!