Transferring a Temporary Benchmark (TBM)

Transferring a Temporary Benchmark (TBM)

practical training

Setting Out for Construction provides practical levelling, taping and Total Station training aimed at anyone in the construction industry who is required to get involved in setting out or checking of construction works.

Our courses are an excellent way to build confidence of staff and to reduce the time period of the learning curve to becoming a useful and effective member of any team by developing a 'Do it right, do it once' attitude.

All aspects of 'setting out' are covered from minimising errors, correct booking, correct checking methods and best practice to checking and taking appropriate care of equipment.

Actual construction drawings are used during the training to give experience of extracting the correct information and translating it to a physical point on the ground of the correct position and level.

Through practical exercises and related calculations the develop the appropriate skills and knowledge to enable them to take full responsibility for accuracy and efficiency within their own section of works.

5 day practical course - Setting out for construction


The course is aimed at:

  • Graduate Engineers with background knowledge but little or no setting out experience.
  • Trainee Engineers undertaking day release courses.
  • Engineers new to the role of Site Engineer.
  • Engineers having difficulty with the basics of setting- out.
  • Overseas Engineers
  • Any ground workers with a grasp of basic geometry who may be required to get involved with setting out.
  • Engineers assistants/ chain boys with a grasp of basic geometry who may be required to take a more involved role in setting out in order to support Engineers.


Levelling and Taping

The candidate will be able to:

  • Check the calibration of an optical or laser level
  • Transfer a TBM (Transfer a known Reduced Level from one location to another
  • Produce an as-built level survey
  • Set construction elements to a fixed Reduced Level (e.g. top of reinforcement, top of blinding, soffit of slab)
  • Identiify sources of error in levelling
  • Minimise systematic errors and eliminate gross errors
  • Book their setting out in industry the standard way (for use as records for Claims/ Compensation Events etc)
  • Set out Profile Boards and Batter Rails (for earthworks, roads, drainage etc) and record their work correctly.

  • Analyse a construction drawing, carry out calculations and set out a square section of a building using a steel tape measure, taking into account the effects of sloping ground

Total Station

The candidate will be able to:

  • Use Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
  • Set out points using the bearing and distance
  • Calculate relative co-ordinates
  • Convert Slope/ Plan Distances.
  • Use best practice observing techniques
  • Use correct checking and booking methods
  • Carry out Total Station Calibration Checks (Horizontal and Vertical Collimation, Plate Bubble, Optical Plummet, Diaphragm Orientation, Trunnion Axis, Prism Constant)
  • Set up the Total Station and targets over a known point following the recommended procedure
  • Establish new and check existing horizontal control points (Traverse)
  • Carry out independent checks on other people's setting out
  • Check their own setting out using a range of robust methods
  • Set out out curves using a range of methods (if relevant)
  • Use Total Station functions e.g. Resection/ Freestation, Layout/ Stakeout, Curve Setting Out, Missing Line Measurement and other relevant functions.