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We understand it can be challenging to secure your first role as a site engineer. Many employers are only willing to give you a chance if you already have plenty of experience and some even reject candidates who have setting out experience abroad but not in the UK. We have a solution to that problem.

Our recruitment partners

We are in partnership with Shannon Recruitment who acknowledge the importance of enabling good quality candidates to enter the industry. They operate a system which means less experienced engineers can be placed as an assistant or trainee engineer with the support of a more experienced engineers.

“After doing the five day course I expressed an interest in looking for work and asked SOFC if they could advise me the best way to look for work. Within a very short space of time I was contacted by an agency that they put me forward to and was offered work. As I was new to the industry SOFC also helped with my C.V. and gave me lots of advice on what type of roles to look out for. I cannot recommend this course enough and with the help and backing you’ll receive I’m sure you’ll find work quickly and with good companies. Thanks again for all your help.”

— Martin B. – Site Surveyor

Who can we help?

Candidates who:

  • Have recently completed a relevant qualification but are struggling to get a foot in the door due to lack of practical experience
  • Have site engineering experience overseas, but are struggling to secure work due to lack of setting out experience or lack of UK work experience.
  • Have construction industry experience, and who would like to change the direction of their career and get involved in setting out.

What kind of job can we place you in?

We currently have opportunities for site engineers, trainee site engineers and survey assistants. We have roles which are:

  • Permanent – In a supportive environment, with an employer who will ensure you get the training and development you need.
  • Temporary – You must have some setting out experience already. If necessary, you will be supported by a Senior Engineer who will help you when you start on a job, visit you on site and be available to help you over the phone if you need it.
  • Work experience – We can offer you a week shadowing an experienced engineer.

Whereabouts is the work?

Our network covers the whole of the UK, but the areas of highest demand are currently in London, Leeds and Manchester. Please contact us to find out if we have positions available in your local area.

Our promises

  • Before you book onto a course, we will speak to you in detail, liaise with our recruitment partners and give you honest advice about your specific situation, which course is right for you, and what the likely opportunities will be on completion of the course. If we don’t think we will be able to place you on completion of the training, we will tell you.
  • We will help you get your CV ready to help you stand out.
  • Based on your performance on the course, we will refer you to our employment partners with a recommendation about what role you would be suitable for. We will let you know within 7 days whether there are suitable opportunities.

Can you guarantee me a job on completion of the course?

We cannot guarantee you a job as there are factors which will affect your chances of getting a job as a site engineer which are out of our control.  However, we can promise that we will be thorough in helping you decide if the course is right for you in the first place, so if we don’t think you will have a good chance of getting a job afterwards, we will tell you before you book. Factors which will affect your employability are:

  • Whether you have relevant training, qualifications or experience
  • Communication skills, attitude and approach
  • The positions available at the time
  • Your flexibility in terms of travel and working hours
  • Whether you have a CSCS card.

Won’t this flood the market with inadequately trained ‘engineers’?

We are aware that there are other training providers suggesting that it is possible to become a fully competent setting out engineer with only 2–4 weeks’ of training and no other qualifications or experience. We do not think that this is a responsible approach. We believe it is misleading to give this impression, and it is not serving the industry well. That’s not how we work. Our primary objective is to provide high quality training to those who will benefit from it allowing them to contribute positively to the industry. Being able to place high quality candidates is an extension of that rather than a reason for it.

What if I don’t have any relevant qualifications or construction industry experience?

Our recruitment services are designed for those who have completed or are currently enrolled in construction related qualification or who have some construction industry experience either currently or in the past. If you have neither of these, we recommend that you enrol in a course such as HNC or HND in Civil Engineering or Construction Management. Our setting out courses are intended to complement your education and/or experience rather than replace it.

Do you have temporary contracts available?

If you already have setting out experience and are taking the course as a refresher or to ensure you are following current best practice we have opportunities for temporary contracts. You must have:

  • A CSCS card
  • Your own Ltd company or Umbrella company
  • Relevant insurance
  • Your own kit (which we can assist with). 

How do I register for this service?

Please let us know at the time of booking onto a course that you would like us to help you find employment afterwards. That way, we can check that you have the right prerequisites and confirm if there is work available in your area.

What if my employer has put me on the course?

If your employer has put you on the course, we are unable to offer you this service at any time now or in the future. This is because the majority of our Clients are employers and we guarantee them that when their employees attend a training course with us, they are not at risk of losing them to another company.

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