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  • Trained site engineers
  • A full recruitment service
  • Fully assessed candidates

If you would like to recruit site engineers who have relevant qualifications or construction experience and have attended the CITB Assured setting out course, we can help you.

We only recommend candidates who have attended our training and have proved to be competent. This way we can guarantee that any candidates we put forward are using industry best practice and have the necessary skills.

How we are different

Unlike other recruiters, we don’t have to rely on a candidate’s CV or what they tell us. Because we run our training courses with small numbers, over the course of 5 days our trainers get a full picture of each delegate’s capabilities not just in terms of their ability to use the equipment and record their work correctly, but their communication skills, attitude, past experience, understanding of the construction process and ability to interpret construction drawings. This means that we can accurately assess the role a candidate will be suited to.

If you have a position available for a site engineer, from trainee to experienced engineer, please get in touch.

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